I post really funny stuff! tbh i said that to push my self esteem

  • "Tick tock, tick tock"
    the clock goes
    as it edges nearer
    and nearer
    Doctor a man
    of regret
    a man of revelation
    and hate
    and fear of many
    Doctor a word
    of peace
    and protection
    and healing
    and love of many
    The past he wishes
    not to see
    yet to forget
    The high council is granting
    a new life to erase
    what has been done
    that cannot be undone
    A new cycle
    that hopes to change
    the image
    Do you hear
    the sound of the clock
    the sound of the Doctor
    wasting a lifetime.
    the clock strikes 12
    A new day
    a new life
    The clock is an hour past 11
    The eleventh hour is over

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